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13 Birthday GIFs for Taylor Swift

Because what do you give a girl who has everything? We can think of a few things.
by Macy Alcaraz, Managing Editor,
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December 13, 2013 10:00 am


Taylor Swift is turning 24 on Friday the 13th, something that only Tay would be totes happy about. And because it's her birthday today, we thought we'd list down 13 wishes ta(y)lor-made (see what we did there) for her.

13. An endless supply of red lipstick, because girl's got that look perfected.

12. Indelible eyeliner so she doesn't need to keep re-doing her winged eye.

11. A flat iron that doubles as a curling iron so that she can go wavy or sleek, however she feels like wearing her hair.

10. Every cute little headdress (cat ears, flower crowns, you name it) that money can buy because does she even need a reason?

9. A portable wind machine so she could do this all the freaking time.

8. Rows upons rows of floaty dresses that she can always feel pretty in.

7. A few more guys to break her heart so she can write more hits.

6. More awards shows where she can dance her booty off!

5. A shield to keep Kanye-types from stealing her awards. Or maybe twerking just might work.

4. And a bestie beside her to accept a hug when she wins the award! (Congrats on your Golden Globe nom!)

3. May her BFFs never bring her the heartbreak that all the boys have brought upon her.

2. Lots of quiet time in between touring so she can reflect on life and all the serious things like that. Snow, optional.

1. But at the end of it all, we just want Tay to be happy.

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! Have a good one.

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